Prof. Marco Hutter

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Thursday, 27 April 2017, 4.15pm

ETH Zürich, HG E 5

Marco Hutter, ETH Zurich


Legged robots – the future of all-terrain mobility

Legged robotics is the future when it comes to versatile machines that can move across any terrain. In contrast to classical wheeled or tracked vehicles, they have the potential to move with unperceived agility and grace.

 In this talk, I will give an insight into our work on legged robots that are used in the field for autonomous inspection and exploration. This includes novel compliant actuators that enable dynamic interaction, model based control algorithms to balance the machine in dynamic gaits, and optimization tools to learn motion trajectory and feedback control parameters. Moreover, I will show how these machines can perceive their environment to localize themselves and to create accurate maps of the surrounding.

An overview about our work and the newest robot ANYmal is available on and on our youtube channel:

Please click here for the video 

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