04.11.2016 | Christina Buchmann

Team effort with a guest scientist

Extract of ETH News 01.11.2016 “This was a team effort with essential contributions by Harvard professor Eugene Demler, who collaborated with us over several months when he was an ITS fellow”, says Meinrad Sidler who is a doctoral student in Imamoğlus group. Since 2013 the Institute for Theoretical Studies (ETH-ITS) of the ETH has endeavoured to foster interdisciplinary research at the intersection between mathematics, theoretical physics and computer science.  Read more 

17.11.2015 | Christina Buchmann

Workshop on Double Field Theory

The Institute for Theoretical Studies and the Pauli Center for Theoretical Physics of the ETH Zurich are hosting a three day mini-workshop on Double Field Theory, with particular emphasis on possible applications of Double Field Theory to cosmology. Read more 

26.08.2015 | Christina Buchmann

ITS Workshop „Mathematical Finance beyond classical models“

This workshop focuses on new approaches to robustify financial modeling: robust finance (serious model uncertainty is quantified), stochastic portfolio theory and large financial markets (effects of large markets are quantified), robust calibration (classical calibration techniques are combined with econometric techniques). Read more 

25.03.2014 | Christina Buchmann

ITS Science Colloquium

The ETH Institute of Theoretical Studies launched the ITS Science Colloquium. Read more 

19.02.2014 | Christina Buchmann

ITS Science Colloquium 2014

The ITS Science Colloquium started on 20 February and will meet four times in the spring semester 2014 with talks in cognitive sciences, physics and biology. Read more 

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