03.04.2017 | Giovanni Felder

New Fellows at the ETH-ITS

Gerhard Huisken, Leonid Glazman and Ulrike Riess join the ETH Institute for Theoretical Studies during the Spring Semester. Read more 

20.03.2017 | Giovanni Felder

Series of lectures hosted by the ETH-ITS

The ETH Institute for Theoretical Studies hosts a series of lectures on collective dynamics, control and imaging, with the aim to establish contacts across disciplines and facilitate exchange of ideas between researchers interested in these subjects from different fields. Read more 

03.01.2017 | Giovanni Felder

Jean-Michel Coron and Claire Voisin join the ETH-ITS

The Institute welcomes the two new Senior Fellows Jean-Michel Coron and Claire Voisin. Read more 

23.08.2016 | Giovanni Felder

Two new Junior Fellows join the Institute in September

Shoham Letzter, of the University of Cambridge, and Will Sawin, of Princeton University, join the ETH Institute for Theoretical Studies as Junior Fellows at the beginning of September. Read more 

16.08.2016 | Giovanni Felder

Alexander Balatsky, Eitan Tadmor and Vadim Kaloshin join the ETH-ITS as Senior Fellows

Three new Senior Fellows join the ETH Institute for Theoretical Studies this summer to stay for the coming academic year.  Their research interests cover a broad spectrum in mathematics and physics with applications to material science, engineering and computer science. Read more 

04.03.2016 | Giovanni Felder

Six Senior Fellows at the Institute

This semester there are six Senior Fellows staying at the ETH Institute for Theoretical Studies. They cover a wide range of topics in mathematics, physics and computer science and contribute to various activities at the Institute and at ETH. Read more 

19.07.2015 | Giovanni Felder

Two senior fellows and six junior fellows join the Insitute this summer

Cosmologist Robert Brandenberger and mathematician Walter Schachermayer will spend a year the ETH Institute for Theoretical Studies as senior fellows from August 2015.  They will be joined in September 2015 by six starting junior fellows: Alessandro Carlotto, Maria Colombo, Lavinia Heisenberg, Titus Lupu, Aline Ramires and Ran Tessler. In november another senior fellow, particle physicist Riccardo Barbieri, will also join. Read more 

06.06.2015 | Giovanni Felder


Henryk Iwaniec, Senior Fellow at the ETH Institute for Theoretical Studies for the academic year 2014/2015, was awarded the Shaw Prize in Mathematical Sciences 2015. Read more 

04.04.2015 | Giovanni Felder

Two Senior Fellows join the ETH-ITS in spring

Harvard condensed matter physicist Eugene Demler and returning Senior Fellow Terry Hwa will join the ETH Institute this coming month. Read more 

03.02.2015 | Giovanni Felder

Two new Senior Fellows to join ETH-ITS in February, more to follow

Computer scientist Adi Shamir and mathematician Alex Lubotzky are the first new Senior Fellows joining the ETH Institute for Theoretical Studies in 2015. Read more 

18.01.2015 | Giovanni Felder

Salem Prize awarded to ETH-ITS Senior Fellow

Dmitry Chelkak, Senior Fellow at the ETH Institute for Theoretical Studies is awarded the 2014 Salem prize Read more 

17.09.2014 | Giovanni Felder

The annual report 2013-2014 is available

The annual report for 2013-2014 was published. It also contains an outlook of the coming academic year. Read more 

15.06.2014 | Giovanni Felder

Three Senior Fellows and two Junior Fellows to join the Institute in Summer 2014

Five new scholars will join the Institute for Theoretical Studies in the Summer 2014. Gilles Brassard, a computer scientist working in quantum information science, number theorist Henryk Iwaniec and Dmitry Chelkak, a specialist in statistical mechanics and probability theory, will come as Senior Fellows to the ETH-ITS, together with the first two Junior Fellows Emily Clader, a researcher in geometry, and Zur Luria, working in combinatorics and probability theory. Read more 

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