Six Senior Fellows at the Institute


This semester there are six Senior Fellows staying at the ETH Institute for Theoretical Studies. They cover a wide range of topics in mathematics, physics and computer science and contribute to various activities at the Institute and at ETH.

Particle physicist Riccardo Barbieri, of the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa, a specialist in the physics beyond the Standard Model, came last November and stays at the ETH ITS for one year. On 7 April he will give a general ITS Science Colloquium talk on the status of particle physics after the discovery of the Higgs boson. Returning Senior Fellow Alex Lubotzky, of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, gave the first lecture of this course on High dimensional expanders at the Department of Mathematics of ETH. He is spending the second part of this stay at the ETH-ITS and will be here until the Summer. Also Adi Shamir, cryptographer and computer scientist at the Weizmann Institute, came to Zurich in February for a second stay at the ETH-ITS and will spend the spring and part of the summer here. Condensed matter physicist and material scientist Alexander Balatsky, of Nordita and the Los Alamos National Laboratories, joined the Institute as a Senior Fellow in February and will spend three months here. He will return in the fall for a second visit. He will give a general talk on Dirac materials in the ITS Science Colloquium in April. These Senior Fellows join cosmologist Robert Brandenberger and financial mathematician Walter Schachermayer, who came last summer and stay for a year as Senior Fellows. Schachermayer will give the first talk in the ITS Science Colloquium on Mathematics and finance.

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