Two new Junior Fellows join the Institute in September


Shoham Letzter, of the University of Cambridge, and Will Sawin, of Princeton University, join the ETH Institute for Theoretical Studies as Junior Fellows at the beginning of September.

Shoham Letzter
Shoham Letzter (photo: V. Gruslys)

Shoham Letzter received her PhD in October 2015 from the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Béla Bollobás, after which she spent another year in Cambridge as a Junior Research Fellow. Her main contribution is in Ramsey theory, where she proved several results regarding the existence of sparse monochromatic structures, such as paths, cycles and trees. In addition, together with collaborators, she has also worked in other fields including discrete isoperimetric inequalities, random graphs and extremal combinatorics. 


Will Sawin
Will Sawin (photo: C.J. Mossochi)

Will Sawin received his PhD in mathematics from Princeton University in May 2016 under the supervision of Nick Katz. His main area of expertise is étale cohomology, especially its use to bound explicit exponential sums for applications to analytic number theory.  He also works in combinatorics, proving with collaborators new results on tricolored sum-free sets, sunflower-free sets, and expander graphs, and in other areas of algebraic and arithmetic geometry.

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