New Fellows at the ETH-ITS


Gerhard Huisken, Leonid Glazman and Ulrike Riess join the ETH Institute for Theoretical Studies during the Spring Semester.

Gerhard Huisken, director of the Mathematical Research Institute Oberwolfach and professor of mathematics at the University of Tübingen, is a specialist in geometric analysis and general relativity theory. He joined the ETH-ITS as a Senior Fellow in February and will stay until September 2017. Leonid Glazman, Donner professor of physics and applied physics at Yale University, will come to the ETH-ITS in May as a Senior Fellow and remain for a first period until December 2017. His research interest cover a wide range of questions in theoretical condensed matter and atomic physics, including mesoscopic solids and high Tc superconductivity. Ulrike Riess joined the ETH-ITS as a Junior Fellow on 1 April, with the partial support of the European Research Council. She defended her Ph.D. thesis last year at the University of Bonn with Daniel Huybrecht and works on algebraic and complex geometry.

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