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A gravity researcher in search of weightlessness

Lavinia Heisenberg is a theoretical physicist. She is reluctant to accept that General Relativity can be used to describe the universe only on the assumption of exotic materials and energy sources. Her goal is thus to update Einstein’s theory. (Written by Samuel Schlaefli) Read more 


ETH-ITS Senior Fellow Claire Voisin receives the Shaw prize 2017

Claire Voisin, of the Collège de France, currently Senior Fellow at the ETH Institute for Theoretical Studies, receives the 2017 Shaw Prize in Mathematical Sciences. She shares the prize with János Kollár, of Princeton University. Read more 


New Fellows at the ETH-ITS

Gerhard Huisken, Leonid Glazman and Ulrike Riess join the ETH Institute for Theoretical Studies during the Spring Semester. Read more 

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The ETH-ITS was founded on 1 June 2013. It was made possible by the generous support of the Walter Haefner Foundation and of Dr. Max Rössler through the ETH Foundation, following an initiative of former ETH President Ralph Eichler.

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Hamiltonian Systems

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Organizers: Marcel Guardia, Vadim Kaloshin, Alfonso Sorrentino  

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