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The ETH Institute for Theoretical Studies hosts about four senior and ten junior fellows. The scientific advisory committee composed of ETH professors and international experts assists the director in the selection of senior and junior fellows.

"Through the exchange of ideas from visiting top scientists with our researchers, we envision that a kind of permanent world class meeting place for researchers in the field of theory development will evolve at the ETH-ITS."
Ralph Eichler, President of ETH Zurich

Junior Fellows

Junior Fellows are talented young postdocs spending up to three years at ETH Zurich under the supervision of a mentor who is an ETH professor. The Institute hosts up to twelve Junior Fellows. They are selected by the director, who is assisted by the scientific advisory committee. Candidates for Junior Fellowships can be nominated by faculty members and senior researchers of Universities and research institutions. More information on the nomination procedure can be found here.

Senior Fellows

Senior Fellows are leading international researchers in mathematics, theoretical computer science and theoretical natural sciences, spending up to a year at the Institute on a sabbatical leave from their home institutions. They dedicate their time to research and participate in the activities of the Institute and of the ETH Zurich, for example, by giving a course on research topics.

Up to six Senior Fellows can be hosted by the Institute. They are invited by the President of ETH Zurich on the recommendation of the advisory committee. To apply please write to , attaching a short cv and a cover letter explaining your research plans during your stay at the Institute.

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