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ETH Zurich was fortunate to receive two donations, each in the amount of CHF 25 million to promote theoretical research. Thanks to this generous donation from ETH Zurich alumnus Max Rössler and the Walter Haefner Foundation (represented by ETH Zurich alumnus Martin Haefner), the new ETH Zurich Institute of Theoretical Studies could be set up.

President Ralph Eichler

"My heartfelt thanks go to the two donors for their visionary dedication."
Ralph Eichler, former President of ETH Zurich

Walter Haefner Foundation

The Walter Haefner Foundation is a charity run by the family of AMAG founder Walter Haefner that supports non-profit academic, cultural or charitable activities. The foundation has already supported ETH Zurich on numerous occasions with donations to the ETH Zurich Foundation.

"With our pledge, we would like to support ETH Zurich’s endeavours to keep setting new benchmarks in theoretical basic research."
Martin Haefner

Max Rössler

Dr. Max Rössler studied mathematics at ETH Zurich, where he obtained a doctorate in 1966. After a research stint at Harvard University, he returned to ETH Zurich, where he spent around ten years as a researcher and lecturer before joining the private sector. He already supported the ETH Zurich Foundation with a generous donation in 2007 and since 2009, ETH Zurich has been awarding the annual Rössler Prize to outstanding young professors.

"ETH Zurich left a lasting impression on me. I consider it my moral duty to give something back to the university and help it to attract the world’s top talent and set new, long-term trends."
Max Rössler

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